Design Your Wall with Fine Art Photography

Many things are unclear, hidden, or absent, but when captured in a photograph it catches our attention. When faced with such mysteries, we naturally want to solve the riddle, finish the story, and fill in the blank. Moreover, sometimes art displays deep thoughts and positive attributes which win over many people’s hearts. Whether they are represented as figures or landscapes, the presence of thought in a composition can create many effects.

Fine Art Photography

Known also as “photographic art” and “artistic photography” the term “fine art photography” has no universally approved and stated meaning or definition. Rather, it refers to a loose category of photographs, created as per the creative vision and thought of the camera operator and his eyes.

The basic idea of this genre of photography is that instead of purely capturing a realistic image of the subject, the photographer aims to produce more personal, or typically more evocative or atmospheric impression.

Using Fine Art Photographs for Decorative Purpose

There is a rise of display and use of fine art photography because these photographs can give a contemporary touch to the walls of the home or interiors as an interior decoration element. Also, it can be framed as choosing from a wide selection of matting and framing solutions to suit the interior decoration of the living space. So, maybe it is time to look at how these photographs can be used on different occasions and places.


Choosing Art for Your Home

Art is one of the best ways to express who you are to your guests, so be sure to showcase your favorite pieces. Moreover, when it comes to fine art photography portray for interior decoration, it describes your taste in photography, and even your mood and thinking. If you are wondering how you can design your wall with fine art photography, here is some help.


Select the Most Important and Presentable Walls

The artistic photography piece that you decided to bring into your house is important. More important than that is to choose the room and the wall you want to mount it on. A mantle is a great place for displaying the prized possession as it draws everyone’s eyes to it for it is the first areas noticed in a living room.

Reflect the Size of Wall

If having a long horizontal wall, then hang a long horizontal photograph of your choice on that wall. If you have a narrow vertical wall, place the photographic piece to the narrow and vertical wall to fill the space. By accentuating the height or length of the wall, you tend to create a better look for the room.

Selection of the Colors

Before putting up the masterpiece of fine art photography to design your wall, think about the feel of the color. Light blues and greens are cool, serene colors that are well suited to a room reflect restful and relaxation. Also, black and white photography reveals beauty to all other space with warmer tones, welcoming them into the home.

Play With Lighting

After placing the masterpiece of fine art photography, you can put up lights around or think about adding new spot lights to illuminate the photography. A well-lit piece of photography will attract visitors into your space.

What Sort of Images to Mount?

  • The portraiture of seascapes, pictures of beaches, lakes and any photograph with the theme of water, can be an excellent choice for the rooms.
  • Imaginative pictures of food like vegetables, fruits photographs reflecting the Mediterranean feel can be chosen for decorating the kitchen walls.
  • A black and white photograph can complement the simple style of the interior and the other decorative elements.
  • A colorful picture with contrasting color combination may work very well.

Wrapping Up

Fine art photography, as compared to other forms of fine art, adds up the element of being realistic and reflective. This particular medium has the power of strongly engaging the viewer. So, if you have not used such photographs to decorate your homes, get set now and see the beauty.

Why Handpick Alexander Vershinin’s Photography Frames?

Introductory Words

Nearly every photographer today publishes in a photography magazine. All the photographers have their area of interest and genre in which they excel. The genre goes as—landscape photography, portraiture photography, food, natural, natural photography and the list goes longer.

Today, many people live relatively close to photography thanks to the boom of mobile phones. However, photography as a profession is a different ball game altogether. Professional photographers are quite different from smartphone photographers as they can capture the surroundings with such precision that leaves people mesmerized.

On the same pitch is Alexander Vershinin, an award-winning fine art photographer. He is known for his breathtaking and awe-inspiring fine art photography that has helped him achieve name and fame.

Today, we will be exploring the reasons and the idea behind handpicking Alexander Vershinin’s photography frames.


Photographer’s Profile

Alexander Vershinin is a professional photographer and as an adventure tourism traveler, he specializes in panoramic landscape photographs. His creative side has earned him membership in well-known associations and groups including

  • North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA)
  • International Association Of Panoramic Photographers (IAPP)
  • Creative Asia Photo Association
  • Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

Moreover, he is believed to be a self-taught person, who studied the art of photography through books.


His Journey to Wonders of Clicks

The world of photo spellbound him in a junior school when his father had presented him a fed camera. Since those days, he has been traveling a lot, which has helped him capture many mountains, rivers, shores, and deserts.


Usually, he covers boundless distances in Australia, South and North America, Asia to capture great pictures. His unique style of panoramic landscape photo has helped him reached millions of people around the world.


Why Should You Choose His Work?

The irony is that photography is tough to do well. You are not only relying on beautiful portrays of the photograph but relying on a beautifully creative photography at the same time.

If you wish to decorate your home or office with some beautiful pictures, Alexanders’ work would be an ideal choice.


Alexander works together with his intuitive and nature’s insights to create the conditions that enable him to photograph in a way that it fulfills his creative vision. In fact, his limited edition prints are published on the world leading photographic paper – Fujiflex Crystal Archive.

Awards and Recognitions

Moreover, the best thing is that he has been awarded by much recognition and awards which are discussed as—

Dance of Life 2015


This fantastic portray of intense waves with detailed captures won him the gold medal for the first place in 1st ROYGBIV Color Awards Winners Gallery 2015. He also collected a Silver Award in The Epson International Pano Awards – 2015. The image even made it to the finals of One Eyeland Photography Awards 2015, Covers Photo Contest Vol23 Viewbug 2015, and Blurry And Abstract Photo Contest Viewbug 2015.

The Path


This image was the contest finalist in the 1st ROYGBIV Color Awards Winners Gallery 2015. Through this picture Alexander showed the other side of a bridge built on water.



The photograph made it to the finals of One Eyeland Photography Awards 2015 and Resource Travel Inspiration Photo Contest vol1 View bug 2015. It also helped Alexander bag a bronze award at The Epson International Pano Awards – 2015.

The Prophecy


This image is a winner of the Blank Wall Gallery Contest 2015. It is evident how beautifully Alexander has captured the dune in the desert.

Wrapping Up

In his words “Beautiful views always stay right around us. Lots of people ignore familiar places – you can pass one lake every day and do not think how amazing it is in the twilight just because you have never seen it at this time of the day”. The phrase shows his passion and how intensely sees a location, which enables him to capture such stunning photographs.